The project

24 Venetian businesses from various sectors have come together to create a new, dynamic, cross-sector group to promote a more genuine form of experiential tourism that is free from “mandatory routes” which have long been seen as more of an obstacle than an engine for regional tourism and commerce.

Supported by the Veneto Region, this project, launched in February 2022, has seen the participating businesses work under the supervision of three industry associations: Confcommercio Venezia-Rovigo, Confagricoltura Treviso, and Coldiretti Veneto, which, among the first in Italy, have managed to overcome ancient ideological positions (tourism and agriculture are difficult to coexist) and work towards a future of collaboration.

The project includes the marketing of basic itineraries that allow you to get a glimpse of this “”version”” of Veneto, which can last for a day or several days, as well as tailor-made itineraries that enable not only those who come from afar but also those who are part of our splendid territory to focus on what they find most interesting.

Award-winning pastry shops, ancient olive oil mills, artisanal breweries, restaurants, hotels, winemakers, fish farmers, historic distilleries, delicatessen producers, cheesemakers, and tourism and marketing operators will guide you step by step on a personalized journey based on your needs to discover the unexpected part of Veneto.