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32 Via dei Birrai

Diversity always inspires us, and 32 via dei birrai is the perfect example. Born from the passion of three friends with completely different backgrounds and careers, this unique and colorful brewery has become an international benchmark in just a few years for high-quality craft beer, 100% produced in Italy (including caps, glass, hops, and labels!).

Continuously growing and always on the lookout for something new to offer to its customers, 32 via dei birrai knows how to surprise not only with its beers but also with other offerings!

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Agricola Da Schio

A family that rightfully holds a place in the history of Vicenza has decided to engage in promoting a form of responsible and sustainable agriculture, aimed at guaranteeing quality and healthy products while respecting the environment and the local area.

Although Francesco and his son Berardo from Schio consider themselves a small family business, with their 70 hectares of cultivated land, they manage to ensure an extremely diverse production, ranging from cereal crops to cured meats, from honey to wine produced in their vineyards (the kingdom of Berardo) on the Colli Berici, which is not only highly interesting but, of course, rigorously organic.

To get to know this wonderful reality, the best way is to visit the splendid Palazzo Ca’ d’Oro Da Schio in the heart of Vicenza, where you can also purchase their products.

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Agriristorante Hotel Al Redentor

In the tranquil countryside just a stone’s throw from Treviso, specifically in Nerbon, surrounded by cypress trees and cultivated land, you’ll find the Al Redentor agriturismo. It takes its name from the Redentor church, built in the 1200s by Venetians fleeing the plague, grateful for having survived the great epidemic.

Immersed in what is effectively a protected natural park, the agriturismo offers its customers not only a restaurant that makes use of locally sourced products, truly “zero kilometers,” and regional recipes as its specialty but also a multifunctional facility housed in a charming historic farmhouse. This facility provides comfortable, homey guest rooms, a conference room, and the possibility to organize guided excursions.

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Al Canevon

101 hectares of vineyards and 160,000 bottles produced per year. These figures are enough to understand how much attention is dedicated to wine production by this splendid company, which makes quality its flagship.

A limited production for one of the ambassadors of excellent Prosecco in the world, that fresh, enjoyable, and satisfying wine too often wrongly associated with a medium or low-quality product.

Their wine bar in the heart of Valdobbiadene will skillfully accompany a tasting of their wines with typical local products, also of high quality. We suggest you check your watch (or cellphone) frequently: time passes very quickly with a glass of Cartizze in hand!

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Birrificio Trevigiano

It’s hard to think of a business more in love with its own territory than Birrificio Trevigiano. We don’t want to bore you by talking about the meticulous attention they put into brewing beer, choosing the finest hops, and fermentation. No, we want to talk about their labels, which stylize some of the most iconic landmarks of the Treviso region. Buying beer from Birrificio means connecting with the Treviso area, with the history of Treviso (and experiencing great pleasure in quenching your thirst).

Eleven years of experience and hard work have not only led Birrificio to offer a wide range of beers sufficient to satisfy the most discerning palates but also to embody what, for us at Taste Veneto, is the perfect image of an ambassador for their own territory.

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Distilleria Fratelli Brunello

It’s not common to come across the story of a woman who founded, back in 1840, what would become Italy’s oldest artisanal distillery. However, this is the story of Distilleria Fratelli Brunello.

The Brunello family took over the business in 1904, and today, in its fourth generation, they continue to lead, develop, and expand it under the careful guidance of Giovanni, Paolo, and Stefano.

Since 1840, the company has continued to produce in the same building, the Palazzone, which is already a compelling reason to visit, and whose frieze has become the emblem of the distillery.

There are too many stories, too many products to fall in love with, too many images of the countryside surrounding the Palazzone that would be worth talking about, but words could never replace the firsthand experience. Therefore, we suggest you visit the Distilleria, and since the facility also serves as an agriturismo with rooms, take all the time necessary to fully immerse yourself in the history of this industrious family.

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Frantoi Redoro

This highly efficient and well-structured family-owned company, completely eco-sustainable with zero environmental impact, is proof that in Italy, excellent olive oil can be produced not only in the more well-known and promoted regions for such cultivation.

Founded in 1895, the company is located in the beautiful Valpantena, just minutes from Verona and a stone’s throw from the Valpolicella, with its olive groves extending from the hills of the valley to the shores of Lake Garda.

Their wide range of olive oils can satisfy the needs of everyone, including professional chefs.

In addition to oils, we suggest taking a look at their cosmetic products, vinegar, and the extensive and delicious range of products preserved in oil and vinegar. If you need to spend more than a day in the area, the company has created the Locanda dell’Oleificio by renovating the adjacent buildings to the old oil mill where its history began. Here, you can not only rest as you can hardly do elsewhere but also enjoy dishes from the region designed to highlight the oil.

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Hotel Imperia Jesolo ***s

Located in the center of Jesolo Lido, Hotel Imperia is an extremely well-organized, clean, and enjoyable hotel. Its recently renovated rooms are functional and pleasant to stay in.

The breakfast, served by an impeccable staff, combines Italian “sweet” with continental “savory” options. Special attention is paid to the needs of customers with any intolerances or allergies. You will never have to worry, as the staff will always guide you appropriately.

As if that weren’t enough, the central location and parking facilities allow you to enjoy Jesolo without ever having to use your car.
You will only need to worry about two things: checking in and enjoying your vacation.

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Hotel Delle Rose Jesolo ****

The Hotel Delle Rose Jesolo, as the name suggests, overlooks Jesolo beach. From the windows and terraces of the rooms, guests can wake up watching the sun rise and fall asleep lulled by the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

The whole structure is extremely clean, elegant and efficient. The furnishings are modern and elegant, like the clientele.

We could describe at length the rooms and services that the hotel offers but we want to focus on one in particular: the Ros&Mar restaurant (also accessible to those who do not stay in the hotel) which combines sensational raw materials with obsessive attention to the preparation of the dishes and for the service.

As if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant overlooks the beach and, to make your experience even more pleasant, offers an extensive wine list that includes both local and international wines.

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Il Caseificio di Roncade

Just steps away from the beautiful Roncade Castle, nestled in the serene Treviso countryside, the Bettiol family founded a dairy in 1934, which they have developed over the years. If you love cheese, whether fresh or aged, you will fall in love with their products.

All of their products are made exclusively using artisanal techniques. Their range includes incredibly fresh and delicate ricotta, typical dairy cheeses, mozzarella, and the distinctive umbriaco cheese, as well as cheeses enriched with herbs and flavors, and aged cheeses that are truly exceptional.

Their well-stocked retail outlet will allow you, with prior reservation, to organize a guided tour with a tasting that, to be honest, can become quite addictive!

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Starting the day with something sweet makes everything more enjoyable, but once you taste the creations of pastry chef Daria Scattolini, you’ll discover that ending the day or simply continuing it with something sweet can be equally satisfying.

The freshness of the pastries (light and truly digestible), the soft and flavorful creams, the fresh fruits, and the bread made (only on Saturdays, mark it on your calendar) with sourdough and high-quality flours make it very difficult to leave this pastry shop without having tried every single product.

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Maeli Wine

If a family has been producing wine for 21 generations, it means not only do they know their craft, but they also do it in a unique way. The Bisol family has created Maeli Wine from scratch to showcase a region in Veneto, the volcanic Colli Euganei, which is still relatively unknown for wine but holds great potential.

The company has chosen not to use chemical products to the extent that in some wines, sulfites are not even added. Their wine is different from what one typically drinks; the flavors, aromas, and texture surprise the senses from the very first sip.

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Paolo Cottini

Just hearing or reading the word Valopolicella makes you immediately think of Amarone, a structured DOCG red wine, rich in flavors and aromas.
The Paolo Cottini company, which bears the name of its “commander”, is sitting on a splendid natural terrace from which you can enjoy the view of the Valpolicella hills which gently descend until they transform into the plain surrounding Verona.
We cannot help but suggest you try Paolo Cottini’s Amarone but, in the same way, we cannot help but recommend you try Paco (by Paolo Cottini), a vigorous red cuvee, composed of four grapes: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Shiraz .
We could talk at length about the wines, about the territory surrounding the company, but we would be doing you a disservice, because the best thing, as always, is to try it firsthand!

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Pasticceria Mauro Pinel Jesolo

A family that started making good traditional bread decades ago (and continues to do so in an excellent way) has decided not to settle but to develop their company, transforming it into a pastry shop that makes passion and the search for the best ingredients the own trademark.
Mother, father and two daughters work with great commitment and dedication, day after day, guaranteeing lucky customers a wide range of products, which starts from tradition but looks, intelligently, at the present and the future, to the dietary and health needs in continuous change in people.
A stone’s throw from the beaches of Jesolo, this pastry shop (with a bar next to it where you can taste a selection of their products) is a real treasure.

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Ristorante Al Pioppeto

If having the “chef of the popes” “at your disposal” is not enough, Sergio Dussin, his family and his team are ambassadors of local Venetian cuisine, based on excellent and seasonal products. They have a sustainable and responsible approach to cooking, an approach that perfectly embodies the values of Taste Veneto.
An excellent wine list and extremely professional staff complete a restaurant that is always worth going to “try”. If you like asparagus, you have to go to Al Pioppeto in spring! If you like mushrooms, you must go to Al Pioppeto in late summer, early autumn. If you prefer fish to meat or vice versa, you can go there any day of the year!

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Salumificio Da Pian

The Da Pian family has been producing cured meats and cold cuts for decades. Over time, production has evolved, hand in hand with the changing needs of customers.

Today the Da Pian salami factory is able to combine excellent production (you can’t help but taste their porchetta, prepared according to the typical recipe invented in Treviso at the beginning of the 20th century) with a vast range of cold cuts that can represent a perfect answer to all our most diverse needs.

Attentive to the health of their customers, they have launched a “free” line, totally free of any chemical additives. Respect for customers, for their needs but, at the same time, great attention to quality! In the photo you can see their company shop, which is only one, albeit delicious, very small part of the Salumificio Da Pian.

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Scapin 1935

Writing about what the Scapin 1935 company (yes, they started their adventure in 1935) represents not only for Verona would require pages and pages of text.
We do not want to dwell on the fact that they are an excellent solution for those who need a catering service (for corporate, public events or even weddings), on the fact that they have been responsible for years for the refreshment areas inside Vinitaly and on many other things that we think will be more fun if you discover them.
Instead, we want to talk to you about their tavern-gastronomy in Ponte Vittoria, a stone’s throw from the Arena of Verona, sitting, it is appropriate to write, on ancient remains from the Roman era.
The gastronomy offers an almost endless range of delicacies, ingredients or ready-made dishes that you just have to reheat at home.
As if that wasn’t enough, without having to move, you can also relax by drinking an aperitif or enjoy a complete meal prepared by their kitchen team, who will take care of you by offering you the possibility of choosing typical traditional Veronese dishes or modern dishes.

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Storione del Sile

Cradled by the gentle flow of the Sile river, in an area that is part of the Natural Park of the Veneto Region, the Bresciani family, a protagonist in the Italian fishing sector for decades, has started and continues to look after and develop, day after day, with passion and a lot of hard work, a freshwater fish farm that can represent, at the same time, a trusted supplier of very fresh and healthy products or the destination for a visit with friends or family, immersed in a place where time seems to slow down.

We would like to suggest you try their caviar or their smoked trout, but we would be doing a disservice to all the other excellent products and fish that await you.

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Venetian Cluster S.r.l.

Venetian Cluster is the only production cluster dedicated to cultural and environmental heritage in Italy. Its main objective is to implement national and international projects of innovation, technological transfer, internationalization and training for the public-private chain of the cultural and environmental heritage sector. Through its services, Venetian Cluster coordinates 800 companies and 24 bodies in Italy including universities, research centers, public bodies and laboratories, institutions, and collaborates with around 2000 partners from all over the world.

Venetian Cluster has so far implemented over 90 projects promoting innovation, policy and research, for a total budget of more than 50 million euros. It is formally recognized as a Regional Innovative Network – RIR by the Veneto Region.

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Verona Vale

It is not always easy to meet people who are both competent and passionate (dare we say in love) with their territory. Roberto Bianconi and Italo Martellini know everything and almost everyone in Verona.

If you need to contact a specific company, find a location for an event, a photoshooting session, a starred restaurant, an old trattoria or anything else that might interest you, Verona Vale is the answer to your questions, the solution to your problems.

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Vini Marocchesa

The lands that the Scaramuzza family has cultivated for generations were registered as such for the first time with a Napoleonic edict in 1817.

For almost two hundred years, this quiet and placid Venetian countryside, a stone’s throw from Venice, has always been cultivated, cared for and cared for.

The three Scaramuzza brothers (Michele, Simone and Alessio) are today at the helm of what can in all respects be considered a historic family business in the Veneto countryside.

In addition to the excellent Prosecco (extra dry or brut, the choice is yours), the company is able to offer a range of wines wide enough to meet any need, produced with passion and respect for both the grapes and the needs of the customers.

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